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SEN and Disability – Local Offer at Reedley Hallows Nursery School

SENSEN and Disability

Local Offer:

Reedley Hallows Nursery School

The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Reforms  place a statutory requirement on settings from September 2014 to make information available to parents about how the setting supports children with SEND.

This information we have made available forms the main basis of our setting’s Local Offer.

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SEND Policy – January, 2017


September, 2017

Reedley Hallows Nursery School is an inclusive school catering for all children’s needs.

There has been a rising trend in children with comp lex needs accessing their early education entitlement in our school.

The school has an experienced SENCO, Gillian Askew and experienced staff who have worked effectively with children with varying SEND needs over a number of years.

The SENCO liaises closely with SEND Children’s Services staff including portage workers, other professionals and healthcare staff, to ensure children’s needs are met.

Staff complete baseline assessments within ten days of children starting and this informs identification of children presenting with SEND unknown to us on admission.

Children are then assessed termly and their progress tracked. SEND children’s progress is tracked on an assessment record which has been differentiated so the very small steps can be tracked.

Parents of all children are valued as first educators of their children, and staff  liaise daily with them, recognising the contribution they make.

Any training identified for staff in managing the medical care needs of children is organised and completed, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children in our care.

Processes and procedures including the CAF and TAF, AIS support requests, Speech and Language and Therapy referrals are robust and effective in meeting children’s needs.

The inclusive ethos of the school enables all children, including those with SEND, to play and learn together.  Whilst a Keyworker system is in place, all staff work together and have a role in teaching and supporting the learning of all children.

The school works closely with Holly Grove, a co-located SEND school and is able to access specialist support and expertise from them.

The learning environment is accessible and differentiated to meet the needs of SEND children . Any additional resources or equipment needed are provided to enable children to access the curriculum to support learning and development.

Two children with complex needs from nursery 2016-2017 are accessing their primary education at Holly Grove from September, 2017.  Transition for these children has been very successful.

Academic year 2016-2017, fifteen children accessed additional SEND support and two children had an Educational Health Care Plan in place on leaving in summer, 2017.

Seven children identified as two year olds will remain accessing SEND support for a further twelve months and seven more have been identified on entry.

SEND children make outstanding progress in our school with over 86% or above making three or more steps of progress across the prime areas of learning.

Transition procedures for SEND children are very robust.

Receiving schools, both mainstream and special are invited to transition meetings prior to the child leaving. Visits are also arranged for receiving school staff so they can observe the children in the Nursery setting.

Children leave with either an EHC(Education, Health Care Plan) or a SEND support place dependent on need.

Any parent who is unhappy with SEND provision in the school can make their views know via our complaints procedure:



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